About Us

RCH Orthopaedics was established in the year 2003, under the profound guidance of well known orthopaedic surgeons, qualified engineers & dedicated team of marketing experts.

Our company is primarily engaged with the making of various hip, knee, shoulder & elbow joints. Our team of qualified engineers, managers, orthopaedic surgeons, researchers, skilled and semi-skilled workforce have contributed to the strength and success of our company.

Our approach has always been toward technological upgradation and competitiveness by manufacturing and supplying world class orthopaedic joints.

We are the Pioneers in india introducing

  1. Cobalt chrome "V" stem series of total hip joints for high strength, superior micro structure with zero percent corrosion- which places them far ahead of stainless steel joints.
  2. maximum varieties & sizes of joints (smallest dia Bi-polar heads &Thr cups to the largest dia).
  3. Cement restrictor to provide excellent cement mantle in femoral canal
  4. Centralizer (pmma) for “v” stem
  5. Tan stems for damaged calcar, trochanter replacement, i.t. fractures (new)
  6. Snap fit trials for modular bipolar with superior dimensional stability
  7. Peel off type of tyvec packing (gamma irradiated)
  8. Tamper proof hologram sealing with security mark (new)
  9. HA coated (uncemented) bioactiv hip joints (new)
  10. Femoral and acetabulam cement pressurisers for better cement fixation
  11. “Indasia” hip joints which are most suitable for asian population (new)
  12. Highly Crossed linked for Thr cups (IMPORTED PE)

We have branches in major cities of India. We aim to make rch quality joints available at most of the major cities as well as smallest towns of india Our expansion programme to make our joints available in different parts of the World is also being worked out.

Surgical training, Workshops & assistance under experienced Joint Replacement Surgeons is always welcome. Our RCH joints are manufactured with close tolerances for achieving compatibility and consistency in technical parameters.


Our Product Range

RCH Orthopaedics is a progressive manufacturer and exporter of high quality orthopaedic joints. Our product range include following:-

  • A.M. Heads
  • Fix Bipolars
  • Modular Bipolar hip
  • Modular total hip
  • HA coated Uncemented Hip Joints
  • Long Stems
  • Calcar/ trochantar stems
  • Recession Prostheses
  • Fix THR Stems
  • Elbow and Shoulder Joints (Patented Designs)
  • Total Knee (under development)
  • Ceramic heads
  • Cages
  • Cement restrictors
  • Cementing kit
  • Centralizers
  • Bone cement (with antibiotic & without antibiotic)

We also manufacture customized prostheses for hip, knee, elbow & shoulder as per the clients' specifications.

Quality Assurance

We procure the best raw materials which are medical grade certified, Such as 316L, 316LVM, Cobalt-Chrome, Titanium, Ultra high molecular weight High density polyethylene ( UHMW HDPE), PMMA, etc. which is also ISO certified from countries such as UK, Germany and some reliable venders based in India.

To ensure that every joint manufactured is of the best quality, we thoroughly check the quality of raw materials.

Our raw materials are tested and screened for the composition and its compliance to various international standards such as ASTM, AISI, and ISO. Our quality tests are usually divided in to 4 major parts:

  • Chemical analysis
  • Mechanical analysis
  • Radiographic inspection
  • NDT test

Visual check at almost up to 45 places by qualified staff. The whole process in quality checks, inspection and control ensures each joint produced makes it a class apart in its segment.


The whole process of packaging is in line with the international paper packaging norms. We Understand the gravity of manufacturing, transportation and usage of such prosthesis. Hence utmost care is being taken to protect sterility of products to reassure the surgeons’ confidence while implanting our joints.

Customized prostheses

We also manufacture customized prostheses & joints used in orthopaedic fields as per the clients specifications provided the designs are accredited by orthopaedic fraternity and in line with RCH orthopaedics’ vision. We ensure that the minutest of the details as given by the surgeons are incorporated in our final product.

We also make sure that all of our customized products meet the raw material requirement as laid by international and national standard houses such as ISO, ASTM and AISI.

Our Team and Customer Satisfaction

Our team comprises of highly devoted, experienced professionals and workforce, who want to bring changes in the medical fraternity and produce product with a cause. Our extensive customer network and the feedback further refines the research and development initiatives. We keep our team constantly abreast of the latest changes in the industry, which makes it possible to provide our customers with quality product at their doorstep. With overwhelming list of satisfied customers all over, we have matured to grow up as a company that thrives to achieve the perfection in manufacturing quality joints.

Why Us?

We are by now, a name in the orthopaedic fraternity for providing them with excellent quality joints because of structured customer centric mode of business for over 10 years . We are proud to say that whoever surgeon has used our products for the first time has been using satisfactorily time and again. our aim is to provide quality, comfort and confidence to orthopaedic surgeons while performing surgeries with our joints.

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